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eADMET GmbH offers and innovative IT solutions to predict important properties of chemicals and drugs - physical and so-called ADME/Tox- ("drug-like") characteristics. The central product of eADMET is "OCHEM", a Web-based database and modeling system that ...

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OCHEM is our platform for the creation of in silico ADME / Tox prediction models. We offer a free version of the modeling development environment for academic use.


Using ePhysChem the physical properties of substances can be assessed quickly. ePhysChem contains AlogPS 3.01 for logP and logS prediction and many other models. Try our free version!

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Our next in silico ADME/T training courses start in Winter 2014. If you are interested in a course or have specific questions, please use our contact form or call us. Independant from our scheduled courses we can offer you and your team with individualized training content about QSPR, QSAR and in silico ADME / Tox ...


We create models for you and carry out literature and database searches. Get models built on with thousand of external and internal measurements - maximizing the information content of your data and getting a clear view on the achievable accuracy of in silico predictions for your compounds. Quickly and inexpensively.

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